Sunday, April 19, 2015


Wow. Sorry for disappearing from the world of blogland! I have been super busy with life and baby stuff, that I haven't had time to squeeze in a post that I thought was "blog worthy". So, I guess this will be more of a "life update" post.

I have been (sporadically!) making miniatures, although in the past few weeks, that has been put on hold. (I'll explain why soon!) I have been almost done with one scene for over a year now... and it's still that way- almost done. Anyone hungry for some freshly baked, warm muffins with creamy butter?

Baby Domer is growing quite nicely! I am at 24 weeks this Tuesday and in no time at all, I will be entering the third trimester. Ahhh!

We found out Baby Domer is a girl! I have picked the first name of Selah (pronounced "Say-lah"). It is a Hebrew word that is found in Psalms. There are many conjectured meanings but it basically means to take a pause or rest when reading/singing. Todd is "in charge" (with my approval, of course!) with picking a middle name. He has a couple weeks before his deadline is up!

More baby stuff! Our nursery is coming along. You can see what the room looked like before, here. The room was my studio (hence the pause in making art and minis!) and over the past few months has been cleaned out for Baby Selah! All of my stuff is piled in our 300-ish square foot living room/dining room combo downstairs. Yikes! It seriously stresses me out every time I walk into the house and see great piles of stuff.

Less stressful news- spring has finally arrived! My garden is starting to bloom... along with the massive amounts of weeds. I spent one day pulling weeds and I am pretty certain that I also pulled flowers and plants up too. (I really can't tell the difference sometimes!) Whoops.

The first blooms of the season were Mounding Georgia Blue Speedwell (left) and Periwinkle Vinca Minor Groundcover (right). I had Mounding/Creeping Blue Phlox planted... and it should be blooming but I can't find it! I think it was one of those "weeds" I pulled up...

And my Daffodils were acting really weird. For the past two years, they wouldn't bloom! This year, they had blooms that were about to open but they took forever to actually bloom. They finally decided to bloom just when all my neighbors' Daffodils were starting to die off. I guess I just have persnickety Daffodils!

And in more life-news-events, my brother-in-law, Tony, passed away on Monday, March 30th, 2015 of a massive heart attack. He was only 35 years old and has a young wife, Tiffinie, and two children, Skylar (age 8) and Sylas (age 6). This has been a really rough time for my in-laws and husband, and of course, Tony's immediate family. You can read more about what happened and how to help here.

And then on top of that, the following week, Todd lost his job. Needless to say, it's been pretty rough around here! One positive of the job loss is that Todd can focus on processing his grief at this time... and on preparing the house for Baby Selah!

Hope to have more interesting and informative posts on a regular basis coming soon!

Happy Spring Everyone!


  1. Your miniatures are amazing! I am so sorry for yours and your husband's loss. So tragic. I'm sorry for the loss of income as well. I love her name.

  2. It's great to hear from you, Lindsey, whether it's good news, bad news, or both. Thanks for staying connected with us--we'd miss you so much if you didn't. I'm so sorry for your recent losses--what shocks! I hope Todd takes full advantage of this time away from work and that things get less stressful soon. I love your miniature muffins with melty butter--great job! xo Jennifer

  3. Oh my, where to begin. I am beyond thrilled over the baby news & her name! On a coincidental sidenote- will be checking out a new to me hair salon by the same name! And when my step dad was passing away in '04 my mom played music by Selah in his hospital room. I'm also extremely sorry for your family's loss and what it means for your family, your hubby & sis n law; especially her and their babies. Only the Lord can fill the cup of loss and heartache and bring the comfort needed. It can be difficult to find joy in the midst of loss but I am continually reminded that God is still on the throne and NOTHING is impossible for Him. I'll praying for your family and your hubby's employment situation. The Lord knows what you need and what you've been praying for. Let your hubby know, we know from personal experience that GOD WILL PROVIDE! This is a perfect time for him to invest in some of those "honey do-lists", process his loss and spend time with the Lord. Huge hugs to you.

  4. Wow Lindsey, what can I say about the loss of your brother-in-law Tony... Such a young man with a growing family and now he is gone. I feel a deep sorrow for all of the family, I really do and with Todd's job loss thrown into the mix.... !!!? I believe that the evil one throws these bombs on us to try and make us give up on God, and it hurts- A Lot! there is no getting around it. Stay strong and God will get you through it and over to the other side. I'm out of work too, and so I know just what that feel like too.
    I love the name that you have chosen for your baby girl, and what a blessing for you both to focus on. Selah
    Your mini muffins and pot of butter are Incredible Lindsey! I am so impressed! Your mini baking is just as YUMMY as your Real Life baking! Beautiful work!!! :D

    keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers

  5. Oh friend....where do I start. I am so sorry for your entire family's loss. How very terrible for everyone and yes he was too young. I am sending you all prayers and my thoughts are with you all. Your sweet little girl will bring so much joy to your family....and her name is beautiful! Nothing can take away the pain you are all feeling but beauty in the small things will help you all heal and carry on. Your blooms are stunning and my thoughts are with you......I hope that Todd finds a new job as well....................Thinking of you....Nicole xo

  6. Oh hon, sorry for your loss! I do hope your family recovers and the bonds grow.

    Enjoy all the moments of life you are growing inside, your daughter will be a wondeful joy. I wish for a happy spring with your family and hold on to all those little memories!

  7. I'm so sorry to hear about your Brother-in-Law. That is some incredibly bad event. I feel so sorry for his small children. So sad. I pray they will find peace and be able to go on with their lives.
    Sorry about Todd too. That's just when things like this happen. You're expecting and wanting to stay relaxed and focused on nesting and life throws your some nasty surprises. This may turn out to be for the best. Todd may find a better job that he wouldn't have looked for if he had stayed where he was. Somebody needs hm out there and that's probably why this is happening.
    How exciting to be preparing for a little girl! All the pinks and bows and dresses! :) This is a very sweet news. Don't forget to enjoy your baby when she comes. Don't spend all your time worrying. You blink and they've grown twice the size.
    Your minis are so incredible!
    Have fun with the baby's room!

  8. Oh no, I'm so sorry for your loss! Hope Todd will be dealing better with the grief now that he lost his job too.. And that a much better job turns up when he is ready for it!!
    I'm glad the baby grows and Selah is a wonderful name for her! Hope the last trimester will be good for you.


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