Monday, May 25, 2015


Announcing, Selah Lynn! Ok, so she isn't here yet (less than two and a half months away!), but we finally picked her full name. Selah (pronounced "say-lah") is a Hebrew word that can be found in Psalms. It means to take a pause for meditation or reflection. Lynn is after one of Todd's close family friends. 

I decided to make this name floral name sign for Selah's room... You know, in case we forget her name or something. :) I had a lot of fun picking out the supplies with my Grandma, when she was here visiting me the week after Easter. (Yes, I know. The supplies were sitting around for several weeks.)

I started off with some large chipboard letters and painted them the exact same color as the walls- Valspar Signature Stone Manor in the flat/matte finish. The edges and surface were a bit rough and should have been sanded but I figured I was going to cover up everything anyways, so what was the point?

I used three garlands of roses that my Grandma picked out at Hobby Lobby. They were each 50% off, so it was a pretty good deal.

I used scissors to snip off all the roses from the plastic vine. I was a bit scared that they would fall apart in pieces- but they didn't. I also cut off all the leaves, however I didn't end up using them. Maybe save them for a later project?

They are so pretty, aren't they?

Then I used hot glue to adhere all the flowers to the letters. I just used a small dab under each and it seems to hold just fine so far. I made sure all the colors were pretty evenly distributed, although I guess you could do each letter a solid color or do some sort of ombre/fading effect too.

There were some gaps between the flowers, so I used some moss that I had lying around... Because you know that I never throw things away.


Here are all the letters together! 

Todd and I made a nice little "book-nook" in the corner. Don't worry, the letters-shelf are about four feet off the floor, so little Selah won't be able to pull them down on top of her head.

We have been accumulating a small collection of books at the thrift store and yard sales. So far, we have gotten some great finds! All the books are in terrific, if not new, condition! The lower shelf that is displaying books will be at Selah height when she is a toddler. She can show off her favorite books there and keep the rest in the bins underneath... Unless of course, her book collection grows out of control before then. 

And that's the room so far! Here's another sneak peak that we posted on IG a few... uh, months ago.

Stay tuned for more exciting baby-related posts!


  1. Beautiful, Lindsey. The name choice, the letters, and the nursery. It is very special and done with lots of love. xoox Su

  2. Beautiful!!
    I love the moss between the flowers too, and the flowers are beautiful! I wouldn't mind having this in my home too =) The book collection looks great!
    Last time I was quite sure what to call my baby if it was a girl, and lucky for us, we got a girl, we had not agreed on any boy's name.. But this time, we haven't agreed on any names yet. It's exciting to agree on a name, and a bit hard this time, there are many beautiful names to choose from, you have chosen a great name for your baby!

  3. Lovely work, Lindsey. Your baby girl's room is coing along nicely. I love all the books you've found and your storage bins. Looking forward to hearing more from you soon. xo Jennifer

  4. It's going really fast now! Well you're probably ready to have your little lovebug in your arms! How fun and exciting! Her name is beautiful and so are those letters. The moss really freshens it up. It's a marvelous touch. I love the grey! Is there a crystal chandelier in there yet? It's a must for a princess!

  5. Oh, it's so cute! I love what you have so far.

  6. Wonderful creation! The room is going to be so beautful the baby is already spoiled having a talented and crafty mommy!


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