Thursday, June 18, 2015


So, I got this old wooden breadbox several months ago on a yard sale site for $10... or maybe less. This has been sitting around in our living room for so many months that I just don't remember the original cost!

I didn't get a complete "before" photo. In the oval on the lid, there was a resin plaque with dried herbs in it. Very 70s. Todd pried it off and sanded the box down. I filled the gaps with wood putty and filler, along with two random holes in the back, then I sanded it down again.

I painted it with leftover exterior paint that I had from Behr. It's a standard white that I used to paint our exterior window trim. It's a little on the cool side, but considering it didn't cost me anything extra, it will be fine.

I then had a small wooden bird that I got from Michaels for about 50 cents. I painted it the same color as the room, using Valspar Signature. I used the white Behr paint to add polka dots on top. So fun!

After two super thin coats of white paint, I took a fine grit sandpaper and distressed the box a bit. I superglued the polka dot bird on the lid... and voila!

I even put those felt furniture feet pads under the box so it won't scratch any furniture.

Right now, the box is on the nightstand. I am not sure that it will stay there, but for now, that's it's home! Since it is next to my feeding chair, I can put burp cloths and other such necessities in the box. This will be a great way to hide the clutter! 

On top of the box is a nightlight from Ikea. It's still a pretty bright light but it's not as bright as the overhead room light. I think it will come in handy during those late night feedings. :) Also on top of the breadbox is a gold piggy bank from Selah's great-grandma! It even has some change in it to start her mini bank account.

I have four more days of school and then I can focus more on baby things! Right now I haven't been able to focus on Selah stuff because wrapping up the school year has been consuming my mind and time. If I'm not packing up my classroom, I am doing long term sub plans for the fall. So much planning and work!

What projects have you been working on lately?


  1. It's adorable! Great idea. I hope you are feeling well. xoox Su

  2. Awesome job! It looks so adorable! I'm so glad you're going to have more baby-planning time in just a few days. Stay cool! xo Jennifer

  3. You did such an awesome job on this box my friend! It is adorable! You will find so many uses for it when that little baby comes! And good luck with those sub plans...I remember doing that! Once that is over it is all baby which will be fantastic for you! Happy everything my friend! Nicole xo

  4. Hello Lindsay,
    Terrific job on the breadbox. what a great transformation!I have been away from blogs for a while and cannot believe how much I missed. Firstly, I am happy mother and baby are doing well. What a lovely name. You will be in my prayers and I hope everything goes even better then perfect ;) Secondly, I am really sorry to hear about your brother in law. I hope everyone is healing and finding the strength to go on and face this terrible event. Again, you are all in my prayers.

    1. sorry, hit the publish button too soon
      Big hugs,

  5. That looks adorable! That little bird is the perfect touch!


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