Sunday, August 9, 2015


Well hello! Another long hiatus from blogland. I know I say this every time but I really do have a good excuse! :) We welcomed Selah (pronounced "say-lah") Lynn into the world three whole weeks early on Wednesday, July 22nd. We are a little bit biased but we think she is absolutely perfect. (For those that know me, I was really ridiculously worried that she would be... well, ugly. No worries! Just like I said, perfection!) She was born weighing six pounds, nine ounces, and was nineteen inches long.
We had some difficulties in the hospital with my preeclampsia and continued high blood pressure, and Selah's too extreme dip in weight and high bilirubin levels. Despite our lengthy five day hospital stay, we have been settling in at home the past couple of weeks and trying to get on some sort of schedule... Even though the words "schedule" and "newborn" don't quite fit together.

Get ready for some cuteness overload!

Selah is about two and a half weeks old today! It makes me so sad that on Wednesday, she will be three weeks... and then soon after four weeks, which is a whole month old! Despite the rigorous feeding schedule and sleep deprivation, I want her to stay little forever!

And now, moving on to her bedroom! A friend posted a funny video about newborns on her Facebook feed the other day and a guy in the video said something along these lines, "He's only five pounds and he has his own room. I don't even have my own room." Hehe. :)

The day before we went into the hospital, I had started some more baby room projects. Because of that, our living room and dining room were a complete wreck, which stressed me to no end because I knew that when we went home, it was going to be a tornado. And it was going to stay like that for awhile. And it did. Or should I say, and it still is. But in the grand scheme of life, no biggie. Anyways, it is now almost two weeks since we have been home from the hospital and I have just "finished" Selah's room! Let me show you around!

Let's just say this was another budget project. I tried to spend as little funds as possible since I figured most of our money was going to go towards actual baby necessities, such as diapers. I really wanted to replace our door here, but we ended up going the ghetto route with a ton of packing tape to block the old cat door. Selah's room is off limits to our pets, unless they are completely supervised! However, Banner the beagle busted through the packing tape the other day and we had to remedy the situation with some more duct tape. Doesn't look that pleasant but it does the trick, at least until we have enough money to buy a new door. 

When you first walk in, there is an old mirror from my great aunt's old farmhouse behind the door. My mom bought the mirror from her estate sale back when I was in high school. It's not a super clear reflection because the mirror is so old. There is a large ruler where we can mark her height as she grows older. Todd says that he hopes she grows taller than four feet tall, haha. When she is more mobile, I am going to hang it up higher on the wall so that it's not a safety hazard.

You can read about the floral letters and reading nook here. There is a tutorial for the letters and more pictures of the completed reading corner! I hope we have a future book lover on our hands.

The chair came from a friend's mom who asked Todd to help her haul some furniture and junk to the dump. She didn't want the chair and it's actually in practically brand new condition. She had it upholstered with some funky fabric, stored it somewhere in her giant house, and never used it. I should have taken a picture of the fabric she chose- it's pretty great. The chair is covered with old Asian men with long beards in a yellow and blue color scheme. Since it didn't even remotely match, I threw an old sheet that lost it's fitted partner over top of it. I wanted a more fitted slip cover but I wasn't willing to pay for one or spend the time and energy to tackle making one. 

The sheet actually mimics the pattern on the rug. The rug is even pretty close to the taupe wall color, Valspar Signature's Stone Manor. The rug was a total "splurge" item. The rug is from Ikea and was about $40 but since I purchased it, it has gone up in price to $70. Perfect timing on my part! You can get details on the rug here.

This little area is used for nursing. I snagged the nightstand off Craigslist for about $30 and I swapped out the brushed nickel knobs for these old glass ones that I already had from some previous project. Right now, the lower part of the cabinet holds a ton of wipes that we got from Selah's Grandma (my mom) at my first baby shower. The drawer holds pacifiers and burp cloths. 

The basket on the floor I got from Michaels when they were having a 40% off sale. The cashier even gave me my 15% teacher discount off on top of that, so I think I only paid about $10 for it. It holds all of the store bought and handmade blankets Selah got at our two baby showers. It's also a good footstool for when I am nursing her. 

You can read about the breadbox project here. Right now it holds all my disposable nursing pads. Note the subtle bird theme.

On top of the breadbox, there is a small LED lamp that we use at night during feedings so that we don't have to use the super bright overhead light. I got the lamp at Ikea for $5.99 but since then, the price has gone up to $8.99. Another perfect timing purchase! You can get more info on the lamp here. The gold piggy bank was Selah's first gift from her Great-Grandma (my Grandma). There are a few coins already in there to get her started. 

Above all that, there is a small frame with Selah's footprints. She actually has pretty big feet for being only six pounds! Her feet are so long that they don't fit into the newborn size socks, but are so narrow, that they don't fill out the larger size socks! I used a frame and scrapbooking paper that I already had and some brown ink. I tried to do her hands too, but she wouldn't cooperate and kept making fists, even when she was asleep and even with Todd's assistance. Darn. I had to "Plan B" it and go with making clay imprints. I used half my salt dough recipe, which you can access here. That made plenty to make an imprint of each hand with a lot left over. The dough bubbled up a bit, so to make the imprint more visible, I painted the entire clay rounds with a light beige paint and then used the taupe wall color on the hand portion. I coated the entire clay pieces with a layer of Mod Podge to seal and protect it. To hang them, I poked a hole through the clay before baking and then used some beige ribbon I also already had to hang it from a nail. Now we have a record of how tiny her hands and feet were at one and a half weeks old! And as an added bonus, these projects didn't cost me a penny. 

Now onto the crib! The crib skirt is made from a fabric I purchased online; my second "splurge" for the room. The print is called Moda Nomad Plume Bone and I chose it because of my bird theme. It also has other colors in it and it's not too girly, in case we have another kid down the line that's a boy. I also liked that even though it is colorful, it's more subtle and goes well with all the taupes and neutrals goin' on in the room. For the crib skirt, I just measured, cut, and hemmed two rectangles for the exposed sides of the crib. I used masking tape to adhere it to the wooden base under the mattress.

Yes- that's our sweet Selah in the crib there, taking a morning nap! She's so tinyyy in there! I quickly snapped these photos while she was sleeping. :)

As for the crib itself, we got it via our old church's online marketplace for FREE! It came from a nice family in a nice house and they took really good care of it. Originally, I wanted a white crib, similar to the free one, from Ikea. But seriously- I couldn't turn down free! I then thought I would paint it or whitewash it... but that was too much effort, even to just think about, when pregnant. This crib is also originally from Ikea and is listed at $79.99 (not including the mattress). You can get more info on the crib here. My mother-in-law, Debbie, got us a nicer, thicker mattress (with a mattress pad and two white sheets) than the one that came with the free crib from either my sister-in-law or a friend's yard sale (forgot which!). Score! Way to save almost a hundred bucks!

Above the crib is a beautiful handmade gift from my cousin, Mel. She felted a brown nest with baby blue eggs that rest inside. Hanging from the nest are delicate yarn feathers. It was meant to be a mobile, but instead, I hung it on the wall for some dimensional wall art. Plus, this way you can see the eggs in the nest better. 

The painting above the crib is one of the projects that I started the day before we were admitted into the hospital. I have slowly been working on it during Selah's naps and have just finished it a few days ago! It's a Bible verse from the book of Psalms that speaks of God's provision and also fits with our bird theme. I used the same paints from the clay hand imprint and the wall. It's not the best composition and may be a bit plain but I think it's pretty good considering most of it was done on lack of sleep and postpartum recovery. 

Continuing around the room, we come to a small window. I hung the curtains so that the window would look a bit larger, by placing the actual curtains so that they covered wall space on each side of the window instead of actual window space. (Hope that made sense.) I also used floor to ceiling curtains that pool on the floor to make the room look taller. The curtains were about $10 from Ikea; you can get info about them here. I used the existing curtain rod that I had previously installed when the room was my studio

I used another curtain rod that I also ready had to hang a simple curtain over the closet door to hide all the clutter. I used the remainder of a bolt of white muslin fabric for the majority of the curtain; it ended up to be the perfect width! At the end, I used a bit of the same feather patterned fabric that I had used for the crib skirt. Nothing too fancy- just more hemmed rectangles!

In the window, there are two ceramic birds that I got from Michael's garden collection for 60% off. (I think I paid around $3 for the large one and less for the small one.) The other birds are painted wooden birds with metal feet that I purchased unfinished, also from Michaels for a few bucks. 

The cream colored metal bin underneath the window was another piece I already had. It used to hold dry dog food until I started making my own wet dog food. It's originally from Ikea (do you sense a shopping pattern here?) and more info on it can be found here. Don't worry- I cleaned the inside really well! Right now, the bin holds all of Selah's toys including teething rings, stuffed animals, puzzles, and play food. (I am so excited about play food! I hope she will enjoy play food as much as I did when I was younger!) 

On top of the bin are some stuffed bears that Selah received as first gifts from her grandparents. The bear on the right with the pink bow around it's neck is from Selah's Grandma (my mom) and the pair of bears on the left are from Selah's Grammy (Todd's mom). What a perfect bear family!

The dresser was a Facebook yard sale find for $45! It's solid wood and the woman said she paid over $200 for it originally. I replaced the basketball knobs with pretty pink ones from Hobby Lobby that I got for 50% off. I love the bead board fronts on the right side cabinet and drawer! Selah's Great-Grandma (my Grandma) helped me clean it with tons of disinfectant wipes and Magic Erasers. Now it looks like almost-new! I just love it so much that my Grandma was able to help set up Selah's room with me. 

On top of the dresser is a changing pad. We never got our cover for it that I registered for, so we are just using a disposable changing pad sheet for now. On the right is a picture of Todd and I seeing and holding Selah for the first time after being delivered. I just love, love, love this picture! (Thank you nurse who captured this moment for us!) This is our very first family photo and I love how wide awake and alert Selah is. Also on top of the dresser is a small trash can for dirty diapers and a stuffed mouse from the classic children's book, If you Give a Mouse a Cookie. 

Above the dresser is our accessory holder! A girl can never have too many accessories, right? I used an old wooden window that a friend gave to me that was leftover from her wedding decor. I roughly repainted it and Todd helped me screw in some eye hooks and wire. Super simple!

I found these cute little bird themed clothespins in the dollar section at Michaels and I bought a few packs of white and taupe. The clothespins can hold the headbands onto the wire line a little sturdier than if the headbands were just draped over the wire.

I even added some of the same knobs from the nightstand on the top because I was running out of space to hang all the headbands, haha. 

And there you go! A quick tour of little Selah's bird themed room. Now to catch some sleep before the next feeding! 


  1. Hey, great post! Selah is a total cutie, and her room would make anyone green with envy. Enjoy this special time with her. xo Jennifer

  2. This is truly uncanny. I was just thinking about you yesterday Lindsey and I was wondering if you had had your baby yet and "LOOK' here you are and she is BEAUTIFUL! and Very Stylishly dressed too! :D God Bless you and Todd and little Selah! A new chapter is starting for all 3 of you and I know that each of you are up for the challenge! :D
    My Joyful Congratulations!!!!

    and p.s. I LOVE what you have done with her nursery! The color is something that will transition well as she gets older, but the way that it looks now is Sweet as Pie! :D

  3. Love seeing it all put together and of course loved seeing little Selah! Can't wait to meet her in person :-)

  4. Hello Lindsey,
    Finally! I have been waiting for this post. congratulations! she is just beautiful and I wish her all the best! There is a line from a song I like that goes "may the angels protect you and sadness forget you" and I definitely which this to Selah! The nursery is lovely and such a wonderful space to welcome baby in. Now you go get some rest!
    I send you a great big hug and all the happiness in the world,

  5. Congratulations to the very cute girl =) I'm glad to hear everything is fine and that you are home now. The nursery looks so tidy and beautiful! The mess in other rooms can wait, enjoy your little one instead of cleaning =) (I'm the worse at cleaning.. always a mess somewhere here....I just do funnier things all the time.. ;) )
    My daughter also had long feet as a baby, maybe she will get my hight later, but for now she is "normal hight", but my dad is very tall and I'm tall, so maybe that's why she could never fit those baby socks =)

  6. She is absolutely stunning! She looks so happy! Must be the realization that she has a Mom that is going to spoil her rotten! LOOk at all those bows!! I can just imagine how crazy you are going to get with her dresses. You go ahead and spoil that sweet little princess. After all it's for blogging purposes!

  7. Enhorabuena por esa preciosidad.!!!! Disfrutad mucho de cada momento.

  8. Beautiful room, beautiful daughter. I've waited so long for Selah, so glad she's here. She is such a blessing in my life. I loved her from day 1!

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  10. She is absolutely beautiful and perfect! A big congrats to you!


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