Saturday, January 2, 2016


I was sooooo excited for our baby's first Christmas! I saw this adorable hat on Pinterest and wanted to make my own for Selah... but alas, I was lazy and didn't feel like knitting one from scratch.


Wouldn't Selah look absolutely adorable in this?! Right, I know. Lo and behold, I found a green, knitted baby hat in the thrift store one day! I snagged it for less than a dollar. :) It's not solid green with the horizontal ribbing to make it look like a tree, but hopefully still workable.

I went to Hobby Lobby and found some glitter foam star stickers in the craft foam aisle. I took the wax backing off the sticker and stuck it to regular computer paper. I coated the entire star with Mod Podge so that the glitter wouldn't get everywhere. I also found some little mini bulbs in the holiday crafting section and some sparkly mini pom poms. I sewed each item on very snugly so that they couldn't be yanked off the hat. And there we go! A cheap-o Christmas tree hat!

I did take photos of the process but obviously, I never got around to sorting and editing them... so here is the post, sans process photos. I think it's pretty straight forward though. :)

An important note: Do not leave your child unattended with this hat, unless of course, they are older and understand the whole do-not-put-little-pieces-in-your-mouth-and-eat-them concept.

Another important note: Do not put this in the washing machine unless you want the star to fall apart and get glitter all over everything, including your precious washer. I recommend spot cleaning. 

And on a slightly different, yet slightly related note, isn't this one just adorable too??? Maybe if I ever pick up knitting again... or learn to crochet, I can whip one of these up for next year. 


Gah! I just love the holidays. :) Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas season! 


  1. Cutest Christmas tree I've ever seen =) Hope you had a wonderful Christmas (we had a great one, baby won't remember much, since she slept all day.. ;) But the big girl had a fun time)
    Wishing you a wonderful new year!


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