Wednesday, January 13, 2016


This past holiday season, Todd, Selah, & I were blessed with TONS of Christmas cards. Seriously. Our little card display filled right up in no time, AND we kept getting an influx of cards after the New Year! So thank you all for sending love our way. One of my favorite parts of the season is getting cards from friends and family near and far. Unfortunately, we did not get any cards out this year. We got family pictures taken in the fall and never got the images back (insert sad face). Plus, we figured that sending out birth announcements in the early fall was good enough for us this year. (Darn postage!)

Yesterday was a sad, sad day when I decided to take down the holiday cards. The board was looking kind of dry, and well, empty, so I decided to fill it with a little V-day cheer!

I started by setting aside scrapbooking paper in reds, blacks, creams, and pinks. I guess it pays to be a hoarder... this project was completely free because I had everything I needed!

I took two cookie cutters that I got last year from Target's dollar aisle (where I spend way too much of my time) and traced several hearts on the backs of the patterned paper with a pencil.

I layered some papers together so I could cut multiple hearts out at one time.

Then I stacked a small heart on a bigger heart, coordinating patterns and colors until I was satisfied.

I used some double-sided tape to attach them together. Easy-peasy!

And then simply clipped them to my board where my holiday cards were.

Super quick. Super simple. Super FREE. And super adorbs.

Hope you enjoyed this bit of Valentine's cheer! Now for a shameless Instagram plug and show-off-my-baby moment...

Obviously, I am completely biased, but I think our little Selah is the cutest. She is now five and a half months old! Time is definitely flying by and I am enjoying every moment of it (when I'm not stuck at work, haha). Here are some of my favorite IG posts of her the past two months.

Soooo, if you want some more adorable baby pictures in your IG feed, feel free to follow along! My username is lindzbekah or you can click the link on the right hand bar. If you want some awesome student art inspiration in your life, feel free to follow my new art classroom IG by searching the username domerart. 

Ok. I'm done. At least for now. :)

And back to Valentine's Day.

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  1. Hello Lindsay,
    Happy New Year! What a great idea to decorate with those beautiful Valentine hearts. Homes always look so empty when decorations come down, don't they! I think I have to agree...she is gorgeous. I'm happy that you all seem to be doing well.
    Big hug


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