Monday, May 2, 2016


Goodbye townhouse of six years!

This has been such a good little townhouse. I bought it after my first year of teaching and lived in it for a year by myself. My husband and I lived here together for four years. We had our three fur babies here and our for-real baby, Selah. So many happy memories!

That being said, it was definitely time for an upgrade. We outgrew this townhouse years ago. The townhouse is only 1200 square feet, including the basement, and is two bedrooms, two bathrooms. It definitely did NOT hold our family of three people, two cats and one beagle, plus Todd's extensive comic collection, and my art supplies.

So we bought a bigger home. Now we have two homes! We are such property moguls. :) The stars aligned and we are renting out our lovely first home to dear friends of ours. We are so excited that this will benefit all parties involved! And that I can "hold on" to my first "adult" home. Ahhh... nostalgia.

Goodbye townhouse...

... and...

Hello split level!

Todd and I are so psyched to be able to provide a bigger family home for Selah as she grows up. We are hoping and planning that this will be our forever home. Our forever-fixer-upper-home. Lots of projects for me! Todd said that I should be excited because I was running out of projects to do in the townhouse, haha.

Want a tour of the new digs?

Let's gooo!

Welcome to our extremely shady plot of land. It's a third of an acre; not too big (as in too  much work), but large enough to play in and grow things. One day in the far future, at least three huge trees need to go because they are either too close to the foundation or too close to the main plumbing line. And I hate all the darn pine needles that litter the lawn, beds, and roof. Ew. Getting rid of these trees will also give the house more sunlight inside! Right now we have some ugly, dwarfish bushes out front with red brick pavers that are falling all over the place. On the right side of the house is a bleeding heart plant, a hyacinth, and two azalea bushes (pink and purple). Those are nice.

Let me fill you in on my dream here. Imagine this: keep the beige color siding but replace the roof (which is on it's way out anyway in a few years) with a black roof, preferably a black metal roof, and replace all the original brown, icky windows with nice white ones. Maybe some black shutters? Maybe a painted door? New black exterior light, a new walkway and paved driveway, and either remove the front deck or paint it white or taupe. And some serious landscaping... Yum. Here's a random Pinterest pic of the general color scheme.

My original dream was a farmhouse- preferably white with a green metal roof and green shutters with a nice front porch, but hey, you can't always get what you want! Now we did look at just such a farmhouse... Unfortunately, we didn't want to room with all the little critters that came with the house. And I would also like to throw in here that a farmhouse was my dream house since I was a small child. All this Gaines-Fixer-Upper stuff is making me seem like I am on the farmhouse trend, when in fact, I wanted all of it about twenty years ago! End of mini rant.

The inside is the typical split level layout. Nothing too exciting, but let's continue the tour (and the dream designing) anyway. There is the foyer/landing space with fairly nice hardwood floors. The carpet is nasty and needs to be switched out soon because it reeks of old dog odor. Eek. The sellers literally took an area rug, cut it in half, and stapled one half on the stairs going up and the other half on the stairs going down. I am almost too afraid to rip it up to see what the smell is underneath...

Right now the foyer is a total blank slate. The extremely nerve-wrecking, wobbly fan needs to be replaced. I like having a fan there to help with air circulation, however it's pretty ugly. I think a nice black lantern would look nice. And lots of beadboard on each wall with black hooks. Two rows of black hooks--- the row on the top for adults and the row on the bottom for littles.

Look at those beams! I think they are faux beams and not real wood, but who knows from down below. The ceiling needs to be painted because right now it's a weird streaky, kind of glossy, bright white. I am thinking more of a cream-white and the beams can be a beige-taupe color.

The floors in the living room, dining room, and hallway are also the same wood as the foyer. You can tell it wasn't all done at the same time because they have a lot of those transition strips in between spaces. Also, while we are on the subject of floors--- who buys all this nice wood quarter-round trim and does not cut it on a 45 in the corners?! Who does that?! All the trim will need to be replaced... correctly.

The week we closed, I bought a table on an online yard sale website. It was more than I wanted to spend but it was the exact style I wanted and had six chairs. It was also located down the road, so you couldn't beat the location. Todd, and his friend Zak were my heroes because they picked up the table and carried it in for me. Here is the table from the yard sale listing.

I can't wait to paint it and possibly try my hand at chalk paint. I want to do a slightly distressed look like this, but with a warmer cream color, and not so streaky.

Or distressed black. Ehhh. I keep changing my mind.

The kitchen. The lovely kitchen that was inhabited by friendly little furry mice critters when we moved in because the house was vacant for a year. EKKKK! Thank goodness we know someone in pest control. :) (My husband used to be in pest control, and our good friend, Les, still is! Props to them for taking care of the little pest problem.)

But back to the kitchen.

The kitchen features the same(?) cabinets I had growing up almost 30 years ago! And under three layers of nasty shelf paper, I unearthed some cool-vintagy-floral shelf liner paper that is in pretty decent condition. We would like to gut the entire kitchen and change the layout, since it's not really using the space effectively and efficiently right now. Short term projects in the meantime will be to paint the cabinets a lighter color to make the space a little cleaner and brighter. I might try my hand at painting the tile backsplash too. I already have extensive plans for the kitchen, but since that won't even be starting to happen for the next 5-10 years, I know I will probably change my mind a million and one times before then. The general idea is to add double wall ovens next to the wall near where the dishwasher currently is, add an electric cooktop and a microwave-exhaust unit next to it, with drawers underneath for pots and pans. I'd like to add a farmhouse sink and move it (and the dishwasher) under the window and wrap the counters around where the bar currently is. Hope you all were staying with me on that dream tour. I want my white kitchen!

I do love my new-to-me giant refrigerator though! It seriously took me two evenings to clean, one for the fridge side and one for the freezer. The plastic tubing for the water dispenser and ice maker was all coiled and zip-tied in the back of the fridge. I had to use the steam cleaner's tool setting to loosen all the caked on CRUD. All the walls, bins, and shelves are wiped down with soap and water. All that is left to do is clean the ice maker and dispenser itself.

Now for one of my favorite spaces in the house... the enclosed porch, AKA the sunroom! There is currently two layers of smelly-dog carpet. I can't wait to pull it up and bring it to the dump! I would love to get a nice ceramic tile and tile the whole space. It will be durable for all the traffic going in and out of the house. I can see little Selah playing out here as she grows up. I can see us eating dinners and playing games out here too. Opening all the windows and sliders gives us a nice cross-breeze across the living/dining room, which has already been wonderful this time of year.

We have two small closets off the main upstairs hallway. We have a coat closet where we will keep our vacuum cleaner and other large cleaning supplies that I use on a daily basis. We also have a linen closet where we will keep all our towels, blankets, and sheets. They need to be painted and new, clean shelves cut and installed. The current shelves have some pretty nifty shelf liner paper installed that is in pretty good condition.

There is a full bath across the two hall closets. The pictures are a bit deceptive... It looks pretty decent, right? Actually, the floor tiles are crumbling--- some kind of cheap laminate stuff. The shower tile is in good condition, just not what I would have picked myself. The tub drain is broken; we had a plumber out to take a look and it will take about $400 to fix. Sheesh. The removable shower head is really nice for bathing Selah; she was totally confused at first, but now she enjoys it. The vanity and toilet are in good condition. The mirror and light fixture will be swapped out later for something more in my style too. The cabinets and shelves are all going to the dump because they are pretty beat up and gross. I'd love to do a beadboard wall on the left with black hooks to hang towels and a basket for toys and other small necessities. Oh yeah... And the night before closing during our walk through, we realized that there isn't an outlet in the bathroom to be found! Yikes! About two weeks after we moved in... I found it! I about yelled for Todd to come into the bathroom to look. The outlet IS PART OF THE LIGHT FIXTURE. Like, what?!

This is the largest bedroom upstairs in the back of the house. Right now it is our master bedroom. (The real master is downstairs, but I don't want our bedroom on a separate floor until I don't have to get up in the middle of the night for feeds.) All the bedrooms upstairs have new carpet and blinds in good condition, which are both super nice amenities. The attic access is nearly impossible to get to, but you can find it in the closet, above the top shelf. The mirrored doors are kinda stuck in the track and not quite on the track, all at the same time. And yes, of course they will be in the next dump run too. The room fits our king sized bed with plenty of room on the other end of the room for two dressers. We have a bit of room on each side of the bed for a small nightstand. Below is a view of the other side of the room.

Next is the medium sized bedroom upstairs. It faces the front of the house and features some ugly built-in shelves. I really want to tear them out, but they are my china storage right now. I am also kind of afraid that there isn't any matching carpet underneath them... This room is going to be my office area and house all my art supplies, teaching supplies, and my desk.

Here is the other side of the room. It has a decently sized closet, which I am sure will be filled with all my hoarding junk by the time I am undone packing.

Now for Selah's room! She has the smallest room, also in the front of the house. This room has the worst walls. The worst. Someone had an anger issue and seriously damaged the walls. Before selling, the sellers did a rough patch job on the holes but they are still very visible. (Anyone want to loan us an orbital sander?) Oh yeah. And the house needs new interior doors. About every door has damaged trim, crooked doors, etc. etc. Another fun project, haha.

Downstairs, there is the largest bedroom with a nice wallpaper border (not!) and ugly brown laminate tile flooring. It has a huge walk in closet in the bedroom, and a full bath just outside the bedroom door. This is probably the real master bedroom "suite". Both the bedroom and bathroom have adjustable baseboard/electric heat.

The bathroom features the same tile as the upstairs bath and the same removable shower head. The floor tiles are ceramic, but are coming up and will need to be replaced. Welp. Might as well gut the whole bathroom when we fix that one! The vanity is also incredibly low. If I have to bend my short self over to wash my hands... poor 6'4" Todd!

Across from the bathroom is a nice closet under the stairs that is my pantry. Yay! It is already full of stuff from bulk buying and overflow kitchen items. I love it so much.

There is a rec room area in the lower level as well, which will be Todd's mancave. He will keep his comics, our old couch, his desk, and his giant TV down here. I would just loooveee to tile the whole downstairs with nice, clean tile. You can access the laundry room through the door on the right.

We have a nice big washer and dryer. I am so glad to be done with my front loading washing machine; what a hassle to clean! It's also nice to have a laundry sink for stained clothes and other messy things. The laundry room is actually pretty large and fits our furnace, water heater, second fridge/freezer, sump pump, and tons of storage space!

Above is another room in the lower level. It's going to be our workshop where we work on furniture projects. It will also be tool storage, since we don't have a garage or real shed. Right now we have put up a metal baby gate in the doorway. We put Banner in this room when we go out--- plenty of light, lots of open space, unfinished floor (for his inevitable accidents)... #winwin.

And our totally awesome deck space. Now, I know it's not too pretty... but it's still totally awesome! It needs a good power washing and repainting. Taupe? We also need to replace the lattice work (painted white?) to cover any areas where critters might try to enter the house and create a cozy home under the deck. And note the black greenhouse window? That's part of the kitchen.

There is also a concrete patio space on the right where the basement slider lets out onto. Tons of space for tables and chairs... Let's host a BBQ!

And here is our yard. This picture makes it look bigger than it actually is, but when you add the side yards and front yard, we have a decent plot o' land here. The trees are really nice in the picture and I can't wait until they fill in more later this summer. (Right now the leaves are still shooting out so there are lots of bare spots.) There is a nice yellow forsythia back there too that bloomed this spring!

Well. That's the quick tour. It took me like a week and a half to write this post because of all the unpacking and life going on around here. Oh yeah--- and the Verizon strike that left us without internet for a long time. (We went with Comcast, duhn duhn duhnnn.) Once we unpack some more boxes and get ourselves situated around here, I will update with more pictures of the house... with all of our stuff in it! I swear--- I have no clue how we fit all this in our teeny tiny townhouse...


  1. That is so incredibly exciting! I can't wait to see what you do with all that space.

  2. So cool to see inside! Can't wait to see it in person!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS Todd and Lindsey!!!! I know how momentous this is for you and I know that not only will you be fixing it up to make it your own but that Selah will have lots of room to grow because of all the additional SPACE. There are new memories to make for all three of you! :D

  4. I'm so happy for your family. The house is lovely.

  5. I'm so happy for your family. The house is lovely.

  6. Hello Lindsay,
    Congratulations! It looks a beautiful house and the divisions are quite nice. By the time you update it to your faultless standards, it will be magnificent!
    Big hug

  7. Congratulations, Lindsay. It has a beautiful yard. xoxo Su

  8. It's a project for sure. But not a bad one at all. I think you'll have this place looking like a million bucks in no time. You did such an incredible job with your last place. This will be amazing showplace I'm sure! Can't wait to see it all come together. Congratulations!


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