Thursday, June 9, 2016


I have been scouring online yard sale sites for free rocks or pieces of concrete to replace the ugly red pavers that line our gardens and walkways. I knew the red pavers weren't ideal, but I knew they were really, really unsightly when Todd noticed them and said something about replacing them!

I found a guy in our new neighborhood that was getting rid of some rocks, so I gladly picked them up and arranged them around our broken lamp post. I forgot to get a true before picture, so here is a blurry picture from Google maps, haha. As you can see, there was nothing there but some mulch... and a lot of weeds. 

Still on the "to do list" is to add more plants and weed, weed, weed! I "borrowed" some metal mesh from my supply closet at school to wrap around the post with zip ties. I think some sort of climbing plant would be nice here. A bunch of our neighbors have purple clematis on their lamp posts, but I think our area is a bit too shady. Any suggestions? Since the spot gets partial afternoon sun, I put a catmint plant there, just to see how it will fare. I may end up moving them to a sunnier spot if they start to look poorly.

Looks MUCH better, right? :)

Since the majority of our front and backyard are in full to partial shade, I wanted to create a garden bed in the full sun. I just love sun plants! I have a ton of sun plants, perennials and bulbs, at the old townhouse that I want to bring over to the new house--- catmint, mums, tulips, shasta daisies, black eyed susans, hyacinth, liriope, hostas, and coneflowers! I am partial to purple/blue and yellow/white flowers in my gardens. Complementary colors, of course.

I picked up two truckloads of rocks that were posted on Craigslist for free! Thank goodness the guy who was giving them away had a tractor and helped me load the truck up. Phew! So much work! I arranged them in a kidney bean shape to the left of the front exterior. I am currently waiting for Todd to dig up the grass for me so that I can add soil, mulch, and plants. And build up the garden walls with more rocks too.

Other than these rock-projects going on, I have been doing some massive weeding. This is what happens when you let a lil' dandelion grow out of control! 

Doormat for size reference.

So. Many. Weeds. I swear--- by the time I weed one area and move to the next area, the first area is full of weeds again!

Here are some photos of all the ugly brick pavers that border our walkway. 

But I did plant a bunch of hostas. I brought over all the hostas from the old townhouse, and I bought some off Craigslist from a guy who was thinning his hosta beds out. The perfect shade plant! I think they will look really nice once they spread all their leaves and fill the beds in. I tried to put the smaller hostas near the edges of the beds and the larger ones in the middle and near the house. They will be easy to move later if I don't like how they look once they've filled in.

Some more pictures of the massive weeds I am battling. And the stupid onion grass bulbs that keep multiplying. You can kind of see where I am slowly replacing all the bricks with rocks. Still need to do a lot of rearranging, but finding the time to do everything is proving difficult with a baby! We are delegated to naps and after bedtime. 

But everything worth doing takes time, right?

Eek! Those pictures give me a headache, haha.

Here is a before picture of the side of the house. Yet more brick pavers falling over. Two azalea bushes, a hyacinth, and a bleeding heart plant. I think I have my work cut out for me!

What are some projects you are working on?


  1. Hello Lindsay,

    That is so much work but it will all be worth it. Before you know it the house will feel even more personal. Happy weeding!
    Big hug

  2. It is so much work, but it is coming along, and it is really worth it. Our yard was such an ugly mess several years ago, but now it is a respite. Looking back, it is always surprising to see how far you have come. xoxo Su

  3. I know and feel your pain! Weeding is a NEVER-ENDING job and you have a lot of work ahead of you. But take it slow Lindsay, and try not to do too much at one time because the garden will still be there tomorrow. :)


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