Monday, July 18, 2016


Today's post is kinda like a "Part 2" to my previous post, where I detailed about all the rocks I got and my lofty garden plans. You can read all about that here.

So since then, Todd and I used his pickup truck to take a whole truckload of... well, crap, to the dump. I gathered up all the trash that came with our house. Some of the trash included these closet doors.

Yeah--- aren't they just gross? They had weird, mysterious, brown sticky stains on 'em. And the doors never closed right because they were off the track. So we took them down and threw them in a giant dumpster at the county landfill! Yay!

Until we can get new closet doors, I just hung up some tension rods that I already had, and some curtains that I already had, and installed some baby gates that I already had... (Sense a "no spending" trend here?) Much better, right? At least for now. :) The curtains hide the clutter, and the gates prevent Selah from exploring.

We also took down the dirty vertical blinds. And let me tell ya, they really were dirty. They also sported mysterious, sticky brown stains. Hm. Plus, each individual vertical blind had these heavy metal rectangular pieces to weigh each blind down. The metal pieces kept falling out and would just appear in Selah's toys each morning. Not cool. So down the blinds went; into the back of the pickup and to their new home, the county landfill.

I used a curtain rod we already had, and curtains from our old place. I really didn't want to drill holes in the wall until we were ready to paint, but baby safety first! (Sorry for all these blurry, dark pictures. We were in a rush to get it all done!)


I also took down all the moldy, dilapidated medicine cabinets that were in both bathrooms. I also took down several pieces of shelving in the upstairs bathroom, and a "shelving unit" (if you can even call it that) from the furnace/laundry room. We still have more trash that needs to go to the dump, but that will have to wait for a second trip!

And that brings me to the title of this post. While we were at the dump, we picked up half a cubic yard of topsoil for only $12. Soooo much cheaper than buying it at the store in bags. Or getting it delivered. (I looked that up, and companies approved by the county landfill start around $70 just for providing the service! Sheesh!) We had to get a lot of dirt because we needed to raise the garden bed off the ground since there are so many stupid tree roots in the ground.

So here is a shot of all the dirt we picked up. And all the weeds/grass that I killed. It took two weeks for this darn killer-spray to work!

It took me about two hours to get the dirt out of the truck and spread out into my kidney-bean-garden. I really need to invest in a wheelbarrow. Phew! I think I sweated more doing this than I have in my entire life all put together! Ok, probably not. But still- it was a hot day and a lot of manual labor. And as you can probably see, I ran out of topsoil and had to use a bag of potting soil that I had already purchased from Costco.

Now that I am looking at these pictures, I am realizing that I really need to get rid of that eyesore of a satellite dish. But that's a tangent.

Here are all my plants that I dug up from our old townhouse. Yay for perennials!

I didn't get them all. There are definitely tulips and hyacinth still at the townhouse... I just couldn't find them now that spring has long gone. I will have to go back to get them next May/June.

And here are all my beautiful, wilty flowers, all planted. They are so so so thirsty. I have been watering them each morning and evening (unless it's raining out) to help them root. Yes, I know--- mid July is NOT the time to transplant perennials. I am fairly confident that they will come back next year though. ... I can't wait!

I also moved some of the plants to the lamppost area. I can't wait for these to fill in next year as well!

I still have a lot of work to do. I need to build up my rock retaining walls some more in some areas, and rearrange rocks in other areas. I also need to mulch my kidney-bean-garden. And work on my shade garden, which is the one closer to the house. I also need to clean out Todd's truck bed... It's currently covered in mud at least an inch thick. We thought about hosing it out, but our hose water pressure isn't strong enough to do anything. We also tried bringing it to a carwash... which was a ginormous fail. I pulled out of the carwash with a dirtier truck than I started with! Basically, the carwash just spread all the mud around and caked the entire truck. Eek!

Other exterior happenings... We had a giant tree branch fall off one of the trees in our front yard. It fell on our roof; luckily there was no damage. It was slightly embarrassing because I didn't even notice it until my cousin and his family pointed it out. They said it had been hanging there for several days. Whoops. Dan, my father-in-law, brought over a small electrical saw, and my cousin, Logan, was gracious enough to volunteer his time and expertise to help cut the giant branch down. Logan and his wife Mel also helped to cut the branch up. We piled all the cuttings in the back near our little fire pit station! Ahhh--- the things you can accomplish with a little bit of help and two babes taking a nice morning nap. 

Here are our beautiful piles of kindle. And a crate of pinecones because they make nice fires too. You know you have amazing family when they volunteer their vacation time to help with your yard work!

So like I said before, I still have a lot of work to do in the gardens. But like Dan says, a gardener's work is never done! I think I will always be adding plants, removing plants, adding beds, rearranging, etc. And always, always weeding. (That's my least favorite part, in case you were wondering, haha.)

But stay tuned! Selah had her FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY this past weekend! I am dying. This year has flown by. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat if given the chance... and also not, because I love seeing all the new things Selah can do each and every day. With Selah, I am finally truly learning what the meaning of "bittersweet" means.


  1. Hello Lindsay,
    I was reading your post and the minute I saw that GORGEOUS baby everything just left my brain! She is so cute! Those closet doors must be so happy to finally have been put to rest. I think the curtains with the gates is a great idea and I love the new curtains that replaced the verticals. I think your sense of style and your set of skills are just what an old house needed!
    The garden is looking lovely as well. Good job!
    Big hug

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