Saturday, July 30, 2016


Selah had her first birthday party two weekends ago. It was such a good time with family and friends from near and far. Plus, the thunderstorm held out until after everyone had gone home.

I just can't believe it's been a whole year since she joined our little family! It's so cliche, I know, but it really is hard to imagine life without her. Like, what the heck did I do with all the time I had? 

I went with an ice cream theme for numerous reasons. 

1. It's hot. It's mid-July.
2. Everyone likes ice cream. (Well, almost everyone. Everyone important anyways--- see next reason.)
3. Selah loves ice cream!
4. We could feed lotsa people and not serve a whole meal. ('Cuz we're cheap like that. Sorry friends.)
5. It's cute.
6. Did I mention it's hot out? 

I made a budget and stuck to it. We spent about $200, which is pretty good for feeding about 30 (or more?) people, plus decorating the place, favors, paper goods, thank you cards, etc. I am also going to try to re-sell my decorations online since they were basically just used once and are perfectly usable again. And I am going to return some items that we never used. (Always save your receipts people!) So that will put money back in our pockets. :)

I made most of the decorations. And some decorations I bought used, but in great condition. I did tweak them so that they would fit into our theme a bit better. I don't have tutorials for anything here today, but I will give a brief synopsis for each craft, since none of them are very intensive. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or shoot me an email and I will try my best to clarify it for you! Also, if you are interested in any of the printables, let me know! I can make them available to you on my Etsy page (which right now is pretty nonexistent). I can even customize them for you with your child's name!

So there is the really long pendant banner I kinda made. It's so long because I was originally going to hang it outside around the deck railing, but there was a threat of rain, and I didn't want to risk it. I bought the pink pendants on pink ribbon at Party City, and then added cut semi-circles of scrapbooking paper.

Yeah... Let's ignore all the ugly plastic childproofing gates. Why can't someone invent a cute and affordable way to block off areas? 

I got a bunch of used-once first birthday decorations from an online yard sale site for only $10. This yard sign was a part of the loot. It's a plastic material, so I wasn't worried about that going outside with the storm warning.

Part of the yard sale loot also included these three triangular cardstock centerpieces. They have a coordinating animal-first-birthday theme. I covered one side with bright pink wrapping paper (which I already had), and then attached a subway-style infographic I whipped up with Selah's one year stats. I forgot to add mac 'n cheese to her favorite foods list...! My mom brought a picture of me on my first birthday to display. I also laid out her newborn onesie (SOBBING right now!), her newborn lil' footprints and handprints... that were incredibly difficult to get at the time.

The ice cream cone is a hair clip made of a giant pink pom pom, heavy felt rolled into a cone with gold metallic Tulip paint, and lace. It wasn't too heavy, which I was glad about, and Selah was a trooper and wore it without pulling it out, haha. Here she is trying it on earlier in the week. She is also reading her new favorite "diaper-book".

Some mini ice cream cones I made with gold glitter scrapbooking paper, polka dot scrapbooking paper, pink and white baker's twine, and glittery three-dimensional stickers. And tape. Lots of tape. I also displayed Selah's newborn announcement and her party invitation. I made the invitation and the little signs with gold cardboard frames from Hobby Lobby.

We had the gold balloon from her one year photo shoot a few days prior. The balloon was starting to look a little wilty and pathetic... But oh well. For $9.99 you gotta get the most out of it! We ended up moving the high chair situation outside in the backyard because the rain ended up holding off. Phew!

I cut some hosta stems, black eyed susans, and shasta daisies from the front garden, and put them in pretty white (faux) milkglass vases around the house. I also displayed some more photos we had framed of Selah in her newborn session, us in the hospital with her being handed to us after she was born, and a family picture of when she was about three months old last fall.

She was so little! What a sweetie! And she still sleeps like this, although now it's a natural position and not staged.

And now for the tablescape. 

I made another sign with the third cardstock centerpiece. People could make ice cream sundaes, ice cream cones, ice cream sandwiches, and/or ice cream floats!

We used a giant cooler with some ice to help keep the ice cream from melting too much.

And our lovely table of goodies! I hung and twisted crepe paper. I also hung these pink and yellow one decorations that I got from the yard sale loot. I just swapped out the animal pictures at the bottom of each decoration and replaced it with a glitter ice cream cone... They are just like the mini ones I made and hung on the bulletin board (above), except these are much bigger.

The placemat was on clearance at Target for 88 cents. Can't beat that y'all.

I put all the sauces in a water bath in the crock pot. Worked pretty well except for the hot fudge, which kinda congealed. I think it would have been fine if I had microwaved them first and then put them in the water bath to help speed along the melty-ness factor.

And cookies! I got the giant tray at Costco. I figured it would be good if we had leftovers. :) (The white chocolate macadamia nut is the best.) The cookies were available if you wanted to put your ice cream on a cookie or if you wanted to make an awesome ice cream sammie!

And of course, you had to have multiple cone options. We had waffle bowls, sugar cones, waffle cones... 

... and chocolate waffle cones!

Mhmmm... And so many toppings! We went a bit crazy with all our options. :)

The little black labels are actually chalkboard paper. I found a pack of 25(?) at Hobby Lobby in the party aisle. They are actually straw toppers! I just stuck some plastic spoon handles through the slits instead. I used a chalk marker to write on them because regular chalk would have smudged too much and would have gotten chalk dust in all the yummy toppings. Ew.

We set up the enclosed porch/sunroom with some more seating, even though it was pretty hot and stuffy in there. I asked Todd to set up the portable AC unit, but for some reason that never happened. Selah's little '80s kitchen was also set up for other kiddos to play with.

Some more of the signs I made.

Like I said, we didn't go all out with decorations outside because the weather was a bit iffy. We did put a tablecloth out and some bubbles! ... Like my $90 yard sale find?! For 90 bucks I got the table, six chairs, cushions in great condition, and umbrella (in storage).

Just in case, we set up the pool outside for any little kids/babies who wanted to take a dip. It was handy after Selah had her dessert because I just put her in the pool to clean her up before bringing her inside, all sticky-like.

Another piece from the yard sale loot was this monthly photo display. It was hard to pick out the best Selah-face for each month. Month five is my least favorite because Selah was being super difficult that day, due to teething. I regret not trying a second time for pictures on a following day. Well, poop. 

Here they all are, altogether! (Stay tuned for an upcoming post on the numbers.)

The favors were so fun! I just used a $2 box of 24 waffle cones and three bags of cotton candy ($2.50 each at Party City). I put them into cone shaped clear treat bags I found at Hobby Lobby and tied them with pink and white baker's twine from the dollar aisle at Target. Aren't they ah-dorable?!

The sign is another one I whipped up. "Thanks for making my birthday so sweet!"

Yum. Selah had her first taste of cotton candy. She was unfazed by it. I enjoyed eating a bit of the stuff... Haven't had that in literally years.

Everyone gathered outside on the lawn and on the deck to sing Selah "Happy Birthday". She was so confused! 

"Why is everyone looking at me?" "Why am I all nakie?" "What is this giant balloon doin'?"

Grammy made Selah a strawberry cone. Selah loves ice cream, but she was so confused by the cone! We should have practiced before the big day.

Here are all the people gathered outside to watch Selah eat an ice cream cone... and then get cleaned in the kiddie pool. We have such wonderful friends and family!!! 

I also had gotten a bag of pink balloons and large beige paper to make these ice cream cone decorations. Buttttt... I can't blow up balloons myself and the person I delegated this to never got to it. Hm...


This little girl is so spoiled! We specified "no gifts necessary" on the invitation, yet many people brought goodies anyway! Selah's Grandma got her a slide, which will be so much fun when she can walk and climb. And Selah got a ton of toys and cute outfits! I put about half of the toys "away" and will stagger their appearance when she starts getting tired with her current toys. Annnddd maybe some will make a reappearance at Christmas? Haha.

We opened the gifts after most everyone had left, because we didn't want to make anyone feel bad for not bringing Selah a gift.

I have a ton more pictures of family and friends, and of course, Selah, but I don't want to bore you. Plus, I never quite got anyone's permission to post their pictures on the world wide web, so they will just remain in my hard drive for now. Butttttt here are just a few anyway.

Happy Birthday Selah!


  1. Hello Lindsay,
    What a great idea for a party. You really took the theme and rolled with it. Everything looks awesome. She is just gorgeous! Happy belated birthday!
    Big hug

  2. What a MOM! All of your decorations, treats, goodies, signs etc. are FUN-TASTIC!!!! I love your theme and the way that you have laid out the decor and made everything look so enticing and memorable- Really Beautiful Work Lindsey. Even though Selah won't remember a thing about it now, she will have the photos one day and along with them the bragging rights to having the World's Greatest Mommy- and Daddy too! :)



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