Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Get ready. This post has been about a year and a half in the making, haha.

So the trend right now is to take a picture of your baby each month with the same prop, so that you can easily see how much your baby has changed and grown over the course of their first year. The most common props are the sticker that says the month. Some people just use the same stuffed animal in each picture. You get the idea.

Well, I wanted to be slightly different. (Of course, haha.) So I got some large, three-dimensional paper mache letters from Hobby Lobby while they were having a sale. I got one of each number, including 0, and two each of the number 1 (to make 11). I got one piece for the 6 and 9; I figured I could just flip it upside down to turn it from one to the other. I also picked out some cute scrapbooking paper. I wanted prints that coordinated, but weren't too matchy-matchy. Other supplies included Mod Podge, brushes, water, paints, pencil, and scissors- all of which I had already in my possession.

Here's the brief synopsis!

I started with a bunch of chipboard letters I got from Hobby Lobby. I went when they were all on sale. (See above for exactly what numbers I got.) And then I went home. Annnnddd then I went back, because I forgot to get the second number 1.

I painted them using all the cheap-o samples of paint that I compulsively keep buying. I think this just proves that I should keep buying them. :)

Such pretty, pretty paint colors. So bright and fun!

I painted them entirely- front, back, and sides.

Since my work space was pretty limited, I painted the numbers on newspaper and then transferred them to copy paper. This way, I could keep shifting them around pretty easily without getting paint on my fingers.

Sigh. I guess I just have a gift for picking perfect colors off the clearance table!

I used scrapbooking paper I got from Michaels. Our theme for Selah's nursery was birds. You can see the pictures from her former nursery (pre-move) here. Tangent warning--- I just can't wait to paint her new room in the new house!

I used a pencil...

... to trace each number on the scrapbooking paper. I used the back so that I wouldn't have any lines to erase. Just make sure you keep that in mind so that the print is on the correct side of the paper after you cut it out!

Cut out your traced numbers...

... and I trimmed about an 1/8th of an inch off each edge of the numbers. I wanted to see the painted colors on the face of each number. (So I guess it didn't really matter about pencil lines showing after all.)

Gosh. I just love Mod Podge. You can use it on everythanggg. I went with a gloss finish. Because that's what I had lying around.

I did about two coats on each number, on all sides and edges. It drys quickly.

And here are all the numbers! I recommend storing them individually wrapped in tissue paper. Otherwise, the Mod Podge kinda makes the numbers stick together. 

Pretty easy! Here is a photo overview of the process.

And in case you missed my last post on Selah's birthday party, here is a square of a year of Selah, using all her numbers! Doesn't she just get cuter and cuter? 


  1. Hello Lindsay,
    What a fabulous idea. The numbers are fantastic and they are so much fun in the pictures. It's amazing how she keeps on getting even more beautiful every month!!!
    Big hug

  2. She is so beautiful! The month by month pictures are such a terrific idea. 1 already! Time flies!

  3. Great job Mommy Lindsay in documenting your child's growth through this photos and personalized number craft. This is something that I would want to create myself on our http://www.education.com/question/put-word-essay-writing-advice/ ball party.


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