Sunday, January 15, 2017


Happy 2017 to y'all! Todd, Dan (Todd's dad), and I started a project back in late November/early December. And here it sits, still unfinished. I was waiting for it's completion before publishing this post... but eh. Not sure when that's gonna happen. So this here project is going to be one of those Part 1 and Part 2 things.

In November, Todd and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary! Todd bought and assembled four Ikea bookshelves for me for my gift! (Yes, it's a BIG gift. This project is my combination anniversary-Christmas gift from Todd. And that's a-okay with me!) I was away for the weekend at a girl's family shopping trip in Lancaster, PA. When I came back home and walked in the door, WOAH! Talk about a very pleasant surprise!

But before we get ahead of ourselves, here are are two of the listing photos to give you a good dose of the "before".

Ugly black metal railing. Plus, did I mention that it was painted? Maybe it will be a nice garden trellis... Or maybe it would like even nicer at the dump.

Here are some more nice "before" photos, including the awesome assembled bookcases. (Please ignore our improperly installed baby gate.)

We had to shift our Christmas tree down so that we would have room for the project!

Oh hai there, Sunny Anderson! :)

So my job (basically my only job) was to cut the wood and then drill holes in it. The wood would be used to help anchor the shelves to the joists under the floor. We want this super duper secure so that no one will lean on the bookshelf and fall over and die. That would be very unpleasant.

I lined the shelves up and Todd and Dan stood below in the foyer and marked out where the shelves were to be screwed in. Then, they started screwing the wood strips into the floor... right into the joists under the floor. Nice and secure!

Time to slide the shelves into place!

We used one of Selah's puzzle pieces as a reference for the thickness of the drywall that we would put up later. Great measuring tool.

Then, Todd and Dan screwed the base of each shelf into the the wood pieces. They also screwed it into the studs in the wall.

Lots and lots of clamping to make sure the shelves stayed in place during the drywall part.

Todd showed an impressive amount of drywall knowledge during the next step. Lotsa eyeballing and cutting to make the sheets fit. And then simply screwing it into the backs of the shelves, making sure the screws would not visibly poke out the front side.

And then to reinstall the baby gate! This time, it's installed a lot safer and is anchored into an actual wall and not just zip tied to the bannister. 

The wall is really starting to take shape! Todd and Dan worked on it A LOT. Tons of compound and drywall tape, and of course, sanding. I think just a bit more work on this end, and then it will be ready to paint! I am so beyond excited and ready to start the painting process!

I got a bunch of baskets at Michaels. They were having a 50% off sale, plus I had an extra 20% off. Lots of storage to hide all the clutter and toys!

Still left is to buy some trim, cut it, and nail it in. Then, of course, paint it a nice, bright white. The top is going to be a long board that will be stained and then sealed. So excited to get it done!

Hello 80's Party Kitchen! Is this a blast from the past or what? Selah loves it. I am thinking of updating it a bit... But that's another project for another day!

And I still need to figure out a solution for those cords... Hm... A small tension rod with a mini curtain? Not too fond of that idea. I was searching for a basket or box or something that I could put the cords inside... but no luck on that front yet! Open to suggestions!

And hopefully, Part 2 will be posted before you know it! Can't wait to see the finished product!

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