Thursday, April 20, 2017


Oh my goodness! About four to five months later and we are finally almost finished with the half wall! Notice that I said almost. Still not done. We are waiting for Todd to finish spackling and sanding the drywall on the back of the shelves.

You can read about the whole beginning of the project here, and see our inspiration source here. But if you want to skip all the little details and step-by-step photos, here is the before picture (again) before we continue! 

I taped off the top piece of wood, the countertop, and stained it with three coats of Minwax in Red Chestnut. I was afraid it was going to be too red, so I tested a few coats on a scrap piece of wood from the same countertop. I just used a cheap foam craft brush to apply the stain, and used blue painter's tape to mark off the area.

I followed the stain with three coats of clear Polycrylic, also applied with a cheap foam brush.

Didn't it come out really good?! :)

Once everything was dry, I removed the tape... and voila!

I got tons of baskets from Michaels... I think I covered that in my previous post though. So many stinkin' toys!

I found a photo storage box at Michaels to hide the extension cords and wires. Still not 100% happy with this solution... I guess it's a good temporary solution though!

I'm excited to have a place to display my remote-controlled candles! They flicker very realistically. I got them on massive clearance at Kohls; with the addition of my $10 off coupon, I only paid around $3 and some change for them!

There's a weird seam where the two pieces of wood for the countertops join in the middle due to some crooked cuts. It got a lot of wood filler! I don't think you would really notice it unless you were looking reallyyy closely... or if you were reading this post.

The rug is from Walmart; it's a thick outdoor rug, which is perfect for foyer traffic. I eventually want to tile this space because the wood flooring is getting damaged with all the rain and snow that people track in. We also want to recarpet the stairs with a durable, neutral carpet and swap out the shaky fan for a large black lantern light fixture. And Todd will eventually finish sanding the walls so we can paint!

I still need to paint all the trim, but I decided to hold off on that until the ceilings and walls get painted. That way, I can do ALL the trim at once. Ugh. So much! Not looking forward to all the trim painting!

Another little project I had going on was repainting a kiddie table for Selah! I got the Ariel table and two reallyyy dirty chairs for $10. Todd sanded the table for me and then it took me FIVE coats of stain blocking primer to get rid of Ariel and Flounder! Eek! 

I then painted three coats of taupe chalk paint, Michael's brand, on the table. I sealed it with 2-3 coats of Polycrylic. I scrubbed the chairs really well. I debated on painting them... but after five coats of primer, plus paint, I was spent! I figured the chairs would fit with the distressed theme. :)

I used twine, ribbon, and lace that I already had to create a garland on the back of each chair. So pretty!

Selah LOVES to color! Of course, that makes me super happy as an art teacher! She loves colored pencils over crayons, so I put some in a little metal bucket for her to easily grab.

And every little budding artist needs their own sketchbook.

Bonus: The kiddie table doubles as a coffee table.

Looks like the table is a hit! :)

We used the table immediately to make a ton of foam lambies! (Or "baa baas" as Selah calls 'em.)

She stuck on all those foam stickers herself! All in one sitting--- and then wanted to do more!

And to really pound it in here and make my post even longer... another before and after shot!

Phew. This post is a mega post! Here are some final pictures of what the space looks like now, unpainted. Enjoy the tour!

This little command center is right when you come up the stairs from the split-foyer entry. I have had this shelf since college and it's still holding up! The two brown baskets with liners hold Todd's mail (left) and miscellaneous photo albums (right). The bottom two bins hold coupons, umbrellas, etc. (left) and cookbooks (right). The white basket on the top is for Selah's library books and DVDs, so they don't get mixed into our collection. I have a little green depression candy dish for my keys, and the watercolor painting is a portrait of Todd and his big brother Tony when they were little kids. I eventually want to get a white cabinet here with two doors to hide clutter. Just waiting on the perfect piece to pop up!

You can read about this cabinet transformation here. We store all our games in the cabinet on the bottom, and I get to display photos, milk glass, and more green depression glass on the top shelves!

And the panorama!

Have a happy week everyone!


  1. Hello Lindsay,
    1 word: Brilliant! Changing the ramp was a terrific idea! It adds so much storage and really looks amazing. The table transformation is also terrific. She is beyond adorable sitting there. Great job on everything!
    Big hug

  2. What a Difference Lindsey!!! The new bookcase divider has transformed this room and makes it look LIKE a room rather than a loft.
    I LOVE your other home improvements and the re-vamped table and chairs for Selah fit right in with the adult decor - well planned and very practical- :D ♥


  3. I've decided I need a command center like yours. I just have piles that move from the kitchen table to the desk and back again before being thrown away or filed 😆

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