Saturday, May 6, 2017


It's Kentucky Derby day, today! And it was also my friend Tiffany's baby sprinkle for her second daughter, Aylen. I was so glad that Todd and I were able to offer our house as the last minute location for the sprinkle. I think Tiffany, our friend Rachel, and I did a pretty darn good job pulling it all together!

My mom gave me these cute chalkboard signs. We had originally purchased them for my baby shower, but it poured BUCKETS... so chalk was a no-go. Glad to use them today! It only sprinkled for the sprinkle! :)

Tiffany made these cute little favors; who doesn't love an Oreo covered in chocolate? Yum! 

The signs are frames from the dollar store. I got some chalkboard contact paper from Amazon for about $3 (on massive sale!) and covered the glass. I probably should have used something else so that it wouldn't be so fragile, but I wanted to use the resources I already had. I think I will use them for Bible verses around the house now. They will also come in handy for any other future parties we host!

I was also in charge of the flowers! I got a case of small mason jars and spray painted them gold. (Don't look too close at my paint job guys!) I used some tulle ribbon I already had to fancy up the jars. I also used some white gift labels and gold trophy stickers. I got the flowers at Trader Joe's; they have beautiful, fresh flowers at an affordable price! Any lucky lady who won a game was allowed to pick a floral centerpiece to take home as their prize! 

I also made an emoji baby book and nursery rhyme game. I had a lot of fun coming up with this! The ladies at the shower struggled through it, which made me extra proud that Todd was able to get them all correct, almost right away! You can get the printable game sheet here and the answer sheet here.

Please do NOT request access to edit the document. If you need to make changes, please "Make a copy" and then edit your copy! I will NOT grant you access to edit the document, as it would change it for everyone. Thank you for understanding!

Tiffany brought the Who's Watching the Baby? game! Everyone got to pick a creepy little plastic baby. (Haha, sorry Tiff!) If you set it down and/or were not keeping track of your baby, it was up for grabs! The person with the most babies at the end of the sprinkle was the winner! The babies came in a tube at Michaels.

And the diaper raffle! I did this for my shower and it was won. der. ful. We had so many diapers to get us started!

And the chair for opening gifts! :)

We also had the sunroom area set up for guests. We had hoped for a warmer, sunnier day to have it outside, but the weather was not cooperating with us!

I love fresh flowers! Sigh. :)

The cake came from Wegmans. Delish. If I ever need to order a cake, this is where it's coming from! Tiffany picked out chocolate with strawberry filling. A very moist cake!

Also some amazing cupcakes from Walmart. Who knew? A denser cake than Wegmans, but soooo yummy. Plus, they had a filling in them!

Got to use Selah's new stick "neigh neigh" as part of the decor. 

And the mantel. My favorite display of the party! Another chalkboard frame I made, except this frame is from Walmart.

I think this is also my favorite flower arrangement too. :)

I whipped up the name banner and horses with paper and supplies I already had. It's a little hard to see, but the banner says the name Aylen. Darn glitter paper. Hopefully, the decorations can find a happy new home in Aylen's nursery!

So much yummy food from Wegmans! They sure know how to make some awesome trays!

Tiffany got a large letter A for the guests to sign. It will be hung up in Aylen's nursery.

Tiffany also made this cute game to guess the due date!

Oh yeah--- and every bathroom needs fresh flowers too! Can't forget about this other room that all the guests use!

And finally, we got a group picture! The lighting was a little tricky here. :)

Love these ladies so much! 


  1. I'm so honored my sprinkle made it onto!!! We did an amazing job, but seriously thanks to you for all the detailed touches! It was gorgeous!

  2. What a lovely little party! And Tiffany is absolutely glowing, I love it.

    xo Sarah

  3. Thank you for sharing and making the printable free! so cute! using it this weekend!

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  6. Love all the sweet little touches especially signing the letter for the nursery!! Flowers are beautiful and such a great way to share a prize!! Thank you for the emoji game--can't wait to use it!!

  7. how do i download the free printable?

    1. Above the notice about making a copy before editing (in orange) it says you can download it here and click on "here"

  8. Thank you sooooo much for the free game!!!

  9. Hi! I cannot seem to find the "here" button to download the game? Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!


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