Friday, August 11, 2017


This past June I turned 30! ... And I feel the same. And yes, I said June, which means this post is really late. Whoops.

I hadn't had a birthday party for myself (or even a gathering of friends) since my Sweet 16! I decided now was the time to throw myself a party. After all, isn't 30 one of those milestone birthdays? Plus I have had a really rough past year, and through counseling I have learned that I need to focus on self-care and to not feel selfish about it. Easier said than done.

My friend Courtney sells ThirtyOne products, and my other friend Misty sells Lularoe. I had them set up their wares in the sunroom area for some no-pressure fun for my guests and myself. Plus, I was glad I was able to support my friends and their businesses!

I had some games, and these ladies were kind enough to offer some prizes for the winners! They are super generous and I am so lucky to have them as friends and consultants!

Sooo uhm, let's just say I am pretty obsessed with ThirtyOne. I love the utility totes for our Costco trips, and all the fun prints just make organizing so much fun! Some of the items can be pretty pricey, but there are a lot of sales which make the products completely worth it. 

And who isn't familiar with the Lularoe bandwagon obsession? Gotta love those leggings! 

I went with a loose garden theme since I wanted to focus on growth, both within myself and within my friendships. My friends have been through some deep stuff with me over the past few years and I would be so lonely and lost without their support and encouragement! Also, I just love gardening. And flowers.

Here's my birthday mantle decor! Or should I say, birthday budget mantle decor. The window was salvaged, the Pottery Barn lantern was from a Facebook yard sale group for $5, the Costco star was a Christmas gift from my in-laws, the burlap bunting is from the Target dollar spot for $3, the paper medallions were from Michaels on clearance for $1.50 per color pack, and the chalkboard frame is left over from Tiffany's baby sprinkle! You make do with what ya got!

The food was pretty simple. I got a pack of the best cookies from Costco, had hummus and pita chips, a fruit and veggie platter, and some frozen pizzas that I cut up into little squares. Just good finger foods! 

The paper goods were from The Dollar Tree. The gold mason jars are also from the baby sprinkle.

I ordered the cupcakes from a former student who is starting up her own baking business. She even delivered them to my house... from another state! She is so sweet!

Misty provided drinks, including some wine, and tea and lemonade from Chick-fil-a. The. Best.

The favors were kind of a fail. I don't think all of them really worked. I used this recipe to make seed bombs! I guess they are kind of a spin off of bath bombs. :) Anyway, you basically combine air dry clay, potting soil, and seeds into a ball, and let them completely dry. You can toss them into a pot or into the woods--- and that's literally it. Just let the rain water it and the sun provide nutrients. It's supposed to be easy-peasy. Except I used seeds from The Dollar Tree, so I don't think the seed to clay/soil ratio was enough. It's the thought that counts, right? 

The flowers were a birthday gift from Courtney. Like I said, she's just the best!

The little gauze baggies were from... you guessed it! The Dollar Tree. I made the labels and I am going to share them with you here as a freebie! (Note: The labels do say a "sunny spot" because I used sun-lovin' plants.)

Overall it was a very fun, refreshing, and relaxing time. It was really good for me to do something fun like this for myself. I just felt so encouraged that so many ladies simply came to spend their evening with me! Some came locally, and some drove from out of state! Some I haven't seen in months, and some I talk to on a daily/weekly basis. In the end, friends are friends, and true friends come support you when you need it, no matter what. In lieu of gifts, I asked for cards with words and verses of encouragement inside. I have read them so many times already on my many rough days, and they have just warmed my heart. My 30-year-old-words-of-wisdom? Fill your lives with genuine community!


  1. Hello Lindsay,
    Happy really belated 30th birthday! How beautiful...that's the way to celebrate a birthday!
    Big hug

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