Wednesday, September 13, 2017


I haven't been a huge fall person in the past. Don't get me wrong--- I love, love, love fall weather--- it's my fave. It's just that I'm not a pumpkin-flavor junkie. But this year, I found myself waiting eagerly in anticipation for fall! Maybe I didn't care for fall in the past because I only had ONE fall decoration in my collection. ONE. It was an ugly wooden pumpkin with raffia around the stem. Nothing to get excited about at all.

So this year, I went out and got some fall decor! I shopped massive clearance sales, the Dollar Tree, yard sales, thrift stores, and more to get really affordable decor. I am excited to gradually add to my collection each year now. And I am finding myself getting antsy to go pumpkin picking! I know Selah will absolutely have a blast pumpkin and apple picking this year! And bring on all the apple desserts! (Warm apple crisp with vanilla ice cream anyone?) 

Too bad apples don't quite fit in with my low carb diet. 

I hope you enjoy this mini fall tour of our house! Please pardon the mess; I started painting our first floor before school started, and due to some drywall issues, was unable to finish. It's currently waiting patiently for me to finish. Sigh. 

Thank you to ALL of my 17 lovely Youtube subscribers! I am so grateful to all of you for watching me struggle through my first videos! You all are the best! :)

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