Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Valentine's Day is probably most noted for it's chocolates... but why not switch it up this year with some of these adorable sugar cookies?

These sugar cookies can be made with your favorite homemade recipe, OR you can totally keep it simple with a pre-made mix or store-bought dough! No one will be the wiser! I had purchased candy canes on Christmas clearance for the stained glass portion, but you can use any hard candy you have or want. So simple, yet the outcome is super fancy! Who wouldn't want to receive one of these goodies on Valentine's Day?

I did a blog post on this about five years ago (sheesh!), so I thought it was time for an updated tutorial. Plus, my little sous chef just makes all tutorials better! I hope you all enjoy!


  1. they are really pretty. I am going to try to make linzer ones with lemon, because I have so many lemons. I hope they are as pretty as yours! xoxo Su

  2. Cute video too, especially the helper! xoxo Su


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