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Our town home was built in the 1950s. It's long and narrow, so it's almost like a row house as well. Our street of townhouses are solid brick all the way around, which I love however a previous owner decided it would be a great idea to paint over our lovely brick house with peach paint. Not so lovely. I can't wait until we can get our house painted a more updated color!

That's a picture of our house right after closing(!!!)... peach paint and all! Since then, Todd's dad, Dan, came up to help with some landscaping to make our front yard less of an eyesore. We added a small garden bed in an L-shape bordering the front of our house and the side of our neighbor's house.

We planted white azaleas, crazy curly grass and white mini hydrangeas. And there was a lot of mulching. Although not finished, it's certainly a big improvement. We also added a yellow forsythia bush in the front corner by the walkway and some daffodil bulbs we found. 

Our house is teenny-tinny... approximately 800ish square feet, give or take (not including the basement). That's only a measly 400 square feet per floor! It was perfect when it was just me but with Todd, it's certainly a tight fit! I mean, his shoulders hit the walls when he goes up and down the stairs.

Here's a really basic floor plan of our first floor using Floorplanner. It's not exact but it's pretty close. With the scale of the furniture shown, you can see how small I mean when I say small.

Here are some pictures of the foyer/living room when I first bought the place. Note the maroon carpet. 

I have since pulled up the maroon carpet on the stairs (with much help from Todd and our friend Sean). We still need to remove some staples (I know, I know... it's been over a year!) and refinish the steps. I'm thinking a quick paint job because there are so many stains in the wood that would show through a stain job.

Our living room is now a gray-green called Cliveden Gray Morning by Valspar. It's my favorite color in the whole house! The color scheme are warm greens, yellows and beiges with warm woods. Our sofa was on massive clearance for less than $400 and has two recliners. It wasn't my ideal couch but hey, for the price, it worked. The side tables, coffee table and two beige chairs were $200, used online.

Above the sofa is a gallery wall with crisp white shelves and black and white photos done by myself and my good friend, Carolyn. The ink drawing was a wedding gift by my friend, Matt.
The dining room features pretty worn vinyl tile floors. Todd and I plan on redoing those to match the kitchen. Since the dining and living room are connected, I just continued the paint color into the dining room. Here is a before shot:

My parents gave us this great teak corner cabinet when they moved. I covered the glass doors with fabric to hide all our clutter. I continued the green and yellow color scheme into the dining room but made the colors a bit brighter. The dining chairs are a nice bright white in a more classic-modern style.

Second Floor

BEFORE: Doorway into the kitchen

BEFORE: Kitchen
BEFORE: Kitchen

BEFORE: Staircase


BEFORE: Stairway and second floor landing

BEFORE: Bathroom

PROGRESS: Bathroom

BEFORE: Master bedroom

PROGRESS: Master bedroom*

BEFORE: Second bedroom

BEFORE: Floor in second bedroom

BEFORE: Basement stairs

BEFORE: Basement

BEFORE: Basement

BEFORE: Basement bathroom
Basement bathroom: AFTER

BEFORE: Laundry room

BEFORE: Laundry room

BEFORE: Backyard
* These PROGRESS shots have since changed.